DAI on VOD: A Little Something for Everyone

There was some interesting news recently that shows how dynamic ad insertion (DAI) in video is pioneering new trends and advancements in TV advertising.  One of those trends – disabling fast forwarding in video-on-demand (VOD) – was found to provide a benefit for both advertisers and viewers.  A recent study conducted by MediaScience and commissioned by A+E Networks […] Read more

Oct, 15, 2014


Hey Fast Followers, Your Time is Now

As Netflix marks a milestone by passing HBO in subscriber revenue, one thing has become crystal clear: viewers want to watch their TV programming on their own terms … on-demand! Operators that don’t deliver stand to get cut out of the loop. Sophisticated pay-TV providers such as Comcast have figured this out and are offering […] Read more

Aug, 22, 2014


Online video – $5 Billion Worth of Dirty Little Secrets

The bright shiny inventory in the digital space for the last couple of years is has been online video.  Some of the biggest brands are moving dollars there, hoping to combine the effectiveness of video as the best medium to carry their message with the allure of targeting to specific audiences. But while online video […] Read more

Jun, 02, 2014


All-in for VOD

This year’s upfronts have revealed a lot so far. Some shows will stay, some will go, and new shows promise to reign. But one star seems to be emerging across all the networks’ pitches – VOD. This week, we heard Fox pitch their leadership status in dynamic ad insertion (DAI) to advertisers. Toby Byrne, President, […] Read more

May, 14, 2014


Good things happen when we all work together

With all the buzz about the Blacklist and its Live+3 and Live+7 ratings, we thought we would break it down into what we think are the really interesting learnings from the recent statistics. First, let’s look at the numbers we’re talking about: Live+3 record setting numbers The Blacklist has delivered the first and second biggest […] Read more

Feb, 06, 2014


Hallelujah! Targeted advertising is here!

Anyone who is in the TV industry has known that the connected consumer is changing the way TV is being watched. Viewers are time shifting and watching content on a multitude of devices.  And we’ve all heard the promises of dynamic ad insertion, video on demand, addressable TV advertising and getting TV anytime, anywhere.  For […] Read more

Feb, 03, 2014


Video (on Demand) killed the DVR Star

[Cue background music from The Buggles] There was a great article published by Brian Steinberg in Variety recently explaining why video on demand (VOD) will replace DVRs as the go-to mechanism for watching time shifted TV.  His argument that “the DVR is an antiquated box” which will be replaced by VOD is extremely compelling. Here are some […] Read more

Jan, 22, 2014


The Real Golden Age of Television is Just Around the Corner

My friend, CBS’s David Poltrack, loves VOD. At last year’s UBS Warburg conference, VOD played a big role in David’s growth forecast for broadcast television. A world in which viewers can watch whatever they want to watch at any time, with a personalized and fun way of knowing what their options are — this could […] Read more

Jan, 13, 2014


Billions of Dollars Left Unclaimed

With the holidays upon us, stories at the family dinner table turned to a little known California government website where California residents can check to see if they are owed any money. At this website, people can see if the state had acquired any unclaimed property on their behalf via California’s Unclaimed Property Law. All […] Read more

Jan, 09, 2014


Scripps Networks hails the impact of Dynamic Advertising Insertion

You may have asked yourself, who is purchasing dynamically inserted ads against on-demand inventory? Here are just a few brands we can share who have invested in campaigns. When we look back the evolution of TV advertising, 2013 will go down as the year that Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) for Video On Demand finally moved […] Read more

Oct, 15, 2013


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